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5 flawless mobile website menus that you’ll love

Having a beautifully designed and flawlessly developed mobile menu on your website could be the missing ingredient to giving a user the perfect experience.

We’ve all visited a website at some point on a mobile device and been disappointed with the menu. Even if the site’s content is perfect, having a mobile menu that is not up to scratch could instantly deter a potential customer and force them to a competitor.

Our team have done our research. Here are 5 websites that have flawless mobile menu user experience.


Why click on the navigation bar when you can just hover over it? Antro delivers an outstanding user experience on their website thanks to this savvy mobile menu.



Blending animation and simplicity, Rottefella have created a very visually appealing navigation bar without going over the top. The links are clear, easy to click and they’re numbered so that you can easily see the website’s structure.



Here’s a perfect example of a nationwide company with a great mobile navigation bar. A great user experience isn’t about fancy effects, it’s about being clear and allowing the user to find what page they’re looking for a lot easier and faster.


Arsenal FC

Straight to the point and with a clean design, Arsenal showcase a mobile menu that is perfect for giving the user quick access to the latest scores, news and information.


The Eclectic Lifestyle Company

We can’t leave out one of our own. The Eclectic Lifestyle Company boasts a responsive and clean mobile menu that tops user experience. It works.

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