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6 simple tips on how to boost your social presence

6 simple tips on how to boost your social presence
Social media is an actively growing platform that can raise brand awareness and accrue a substantial online following for any business or any profile. Take a look at our quick, easy tips on how to increase your following on social.

Consistency is key!

Make your brand memorable by constantly placing it in front of your followers. Being consistently active on all platforms of social media stops your post from being lost in your followers (seemingly) never ending feed. Constant, relevant social posts will result in consumers subconsciously thinking about your brand and could lead to potential sales and/or interest in your product offering.

Adopt the same username across all platforms

Although this might seem like an insignificant detail, using the same handle across all social channels can be crucial to your growth. Sustaining a consistent brand name throughout will ensure consumers can find your company with ease.

Re-post and respond to existing consumers

There is no better endorsement than satisfied customers. Re-posting positive content creates free, authentic advertising which is a great addition to company-based marketing methods. This content will instill trust for potential buyers as it comes from a credible, non-biased source.

Interacting with your current connections by liking, commenting and sharing their posts will help you build solid relationships with consumers. Also, this can lead to additional followers by displaying a positive online image.

Understand your audience

To maintain a strong social presence, knowing your social media audience is extremely important. Learning what content your followers want and understanding their needs is key. Publishing content that you know your audience will benefit from will increase engagement on your posts. By establishing that personal connection, your followers will be more receptive to your marketing message.

Use hashtags

A hashtag is a metadata tag used across all social network sites. Hashtags allow users to find the content they want through the topic they place within the tag. This can be an efficient way of pushing your product/service to a wider audience. Meeting the needs and wants of social media traffic is a great method of increasing your following, as your page is matching their requirements.

Follow current trends

Social trends are ever evolving and so you have to stay aware of what’s relevant and for how long. Keeping up to date and understanding what’s popular is a great way to engage with your current, and target audience. If you’re interested in finding out what we trends we predicted for 2019, we’ve put together a digital guide highlighting 5 to watch this year.

Need help?

If you need help with your social media marketing strategy, why not get in touch with our team on 0800 084 3086 or by emailing

We begin with a full audit of your social strategy, analysing your reach and engagement levels, monitoring brand sentiment, and pinpointing where your activity is working and where it’s struggling. From there, we create the solution that is right for your brand, your business objectives, and ultimately, your audience.

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