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Google testing ‘more results’ button in mobile search results

Google testing ‘more results’ button in mobile search results
Google is officially testing a ‘more results’ button in the mobile search results interface. Here’s everything you need to know…

Google has begun using infinite scroll on search engine results pages in favour of pagination. A huge change, since all we can remember is pagination on search results! Now, when searching for a result using Google on a mobile device, users are presented with a ‘more results’ button that can be used to display additional search results. This is in opposition to having to click to the next page in SERPs.

We were able to replicate this feature test when using Google search on mobile.

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed the news on Twitter stating: “We’ve been testing [infinite scroll] and trying it with more people”.

Whilst the new feature hasn’t been rolled out globally, it appears that the test is visible to many searchers who are using Google on their smartphones.


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