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We’re awarded a large digital tender by Gwynedd Council

We’re awarded a large digital tender by Gwynedd Council
We’re thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a large digital tender by Gwynedd Council for the creation of a bespoke website, inclusive of bi-lingual language functionality.

Gwynedd Council are the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd, one of the subdivisions of Wales within the United Kingdom. They operate and manage 12 leisure centres across Gwynedd county, with each offering a variety of health, fitness and sports facilities to the general public.

Gwynedd Council approached us whilst seeking support from a digital partner to help with the creation of the Byw’n lach cyf website, a stand alone website promoting each of the 12 leisure centres.

The new Byw’n lach cyf website will have a much improved all round user experience throughout, with visitors given better access to key information, significantly reducing the reliance on customer service.

Given the target audience, the new website will be a signposting site, facilitating the varying needs of their customer profile. The website will be built using the WordPress Multisite CMS, with each venue having its own unique content and imagery, manageable individually by the centre administrators.

Ryan Anthony, Communications & Marketing Officer said:

“We are really excited to work on this project with the Kolodo team. Having consulted with them early on in the process, it was clear that they understood the nature of what was required for this project and we trusted they would be able to design and implement a website that was both a business tool and of huge benefit to our customers. We can’t wait to continue working with them in developing this project moving into 2019.”


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