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Google rolls out new Search Console

Google rolls out new Search Console
Google Search Console allows you to track your website’s organic search performance. Following on from a small number of users testing the new Google Search Console beta, it is now being rolled out globally for all domains.

Featuring an array of new features including organic search performance, index coverage, AMP status, and job posting reports, the aim for the redesign and rebuild is to simplify the process of optimising a website’s presence within search results, allowing website owners to make suggested changes and view the results.

Google is now allowing 16 months of data when viewing the console allowing year-on-year comparisons, and have stated that over the course of 2018 the new Search Console will continue to grow with new functionality. Until the new Search Console is complete, both versions will live side-by-side so you can easily view both.

The new Google Search console allows for 16 months of data, allowing year-on-year comparisons.

The new Search Console was rebuilt from scratch, showcasing the most actionable data and creating a guide to allow you to fixing any pending issues. Another feature we love is the ability to share reports within a company, allowing simple internal collaboration.

You can read more about the new Search Console via Google’s official blog.


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