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What Instagram’s new algorithm change means for marketeers

What Instagram’s new algorithm change means for marketeers
Instagram is shaking up your feed with a new algorithm change once more. Find out all you need to know about the recent update and how social media marketeers can turn it to their advantage.

You may remember that in 2016, Instagram changed the way our feed works by removing the chronological order and introducing an algorithm that was heavily weighted towards factors such as following and engagement levels.

Now, Instagram have announced that they’ll be changing the algorithm once more – reverting back to the chronological post ordering.

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As part of the change, Instagram will now display photos and videos in a more chronological order, along with a ‘New Posts’ button which will allow users to take control of when they would like their feed to refresh.

What does this mean for you?

Whilst the new change won’t massively impact what users see on their feeds, it will alter some of the requirements of posts, especially for businesses:

  • Firstly, when you post will now be more important than before. Prior to the change, it wasn’t uncommon to find older content popping up on your feed. However, with the new algorithm change comes a pledge from Instagram to prevent older posts from showing on people‚Äôs feeds.
  • Since older posts aren’t going to appear anymore, businesses will need to create fresh content more often to ensure that they’re appearing in their audiences’ feed. As a result, businesses will need to be more aware of when their audience is most active on Instagram, so they can optimise their posts to appear at that time.
  • The change is also weighted towards the time that people spend reading your content. If a lot of time is spent interacting, the algorithm will take this as a sign that that particular content is relevant, and similar content will appear towards the top of their feed in future.

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If you’d like help developing a social media strategy that is timely, relevant and engaging and adhere’s to Instagram’s new algorithm change then why not get in touch with our team on 0800 084 3086 or email today.