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Our website goes live

Our website goes live
Whilst most of the UK were eating mince pies and lying in until 11am over the Christmas break, our team were working their socks off designing and developing our website. It’s now ready to show you!

The brief was to build a website that showcased us as a business, and demonstrated our very special ethos and team, along with practicing everything we advice. This includes best search engine optimisation techniques, super-fast load speeds and a huge focus on user experience.

After weeks of hand-coding, writing content and testing, we’ve designed and developed a bespoke website within the WordPress content management system that is super-fast loading, fully responsive (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile screen-sizes) and loaded up with features and functionality. We’ve thought long and hard about user experience and best search engine practices too – after all, we practice what we preach.

We strongly believe in the evolution of a website, rather than the re-design, re-design, re-design approach. Websites are there to be constantly worked on, improved and added to, to better the user experience every single day. What is there one year may well be different to the next, however all through evolution and change, rather than re-building the entire site when things need a tweak.

We’ve adopted this approach with our website – we’ve launched a fantastic base, and we’re now working on case studies, new pages and interactive features which will be launched over the coming weeks. We’re introducing features such as A/B testing to change colours, form fields and swap elements around for some users to test which approach works best.

Just a few features we’ve included

  • Beautiful design, focused on user experience and journey.
  • Pages on all of our main services, and a page about our ethos.
  • Careers pages, including an online application form including CV upload.
  • Our Journal, which integrates with the Instagram and Twitter APIs, pulling the latest photos, text and likes onto the page every 15 minutes.
  • Fully responsive, focusing on mobile and tablet screen sizes.
  • WordPress back-end for easy editing and high security.
  • Dedicated server hosting, with dedicated firewall and hourly backups.
  • Optimised images, CSS and JavaScript for super-fast load speed.
  • Server caching and leverage browser caching to improve page load speed.
  • Careers pages, including an online application form including CV upload.
  • Animation and effects, all using CSS3 and jQuery.
  • A few hidden easter eggs that unlock features – can you find them?

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and of course, if you spot any typos or broken links, please let us know! Thank you.