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SUPEE-9767 (v2) security update released for Magento

SUPEE-9767 (v2) security update released for Magento
A patch is set of modifications that make improvements to existing code, but don’t alter core functionality. Magento has released a security patch this week, which fixes 16 issues that left many eCommerce websites vulnerable to attack.

This patch deals with some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, which makes it possible for hackers to use the website as if they were logged in as you, and some SQL injection issues, which allow hackers to use the websites input fields (such as the search bar) as a platform to get access to the database.

If your online store is powered by Magento, you should apply this patch as soon as you can in order to improve your sites security and give you peace of mind. If you want to adopt this change but don’t know how to, give our team a call today on 0800 084 3086 for unmatched expert advice.


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