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Will explains his tips & tricks for taking the perfect headshots

Will explains his tips & tricks for taking the perfect headshots
High-quality assets are critical in capturing and engaging the attention of your audience. Professionally shot, recent photos of your team and location help you build trust online and empowers both your digital marketing strategy and your website’s visual storytelling.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Will, I’m responsible for the branding and design creation for some of our largest projects here at Kolodo. With over 6+ years experience in the industry, I have collected a wealth of knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Indesign. In this article I will explain my strategy and process when it comes to taking the perfect set of office headshots.

Kolodos new & edited headshot images – Photography headshots


  • Arrive at the office, heading straight for the coffee machine in desperate need of an espresso…… (maybe a double)
  • Grab the camera (Canon EOS 80D) with a 50mm lens (perfect for headshots) and begin to prepare the settings.


  • I find the best place in the office for natural, indirect light. Luckily, we have floor to ceiling windows letting in a huge amount of natural light.
  • Depending on the time of day and weather, the natural light can be affected, however using one or two diffused light boxes provides the light that’s needed.
  • When setting up my position, I try to make sure the background is as clear as possible, for this is crucial when editing.


  • I borrow a member of staff to use as a test dummy to take a few shots off. This ensures the camera has the correct settings prepared and if any changes are required.
  • Mark the floor with tape so everyone stands in the same spot to ensure lighting and background consistency.


  • Begin taking shots of everyone in the office
  • For each person I take about 30-60 shots to make sure I have a good variety to choose from, also to ensure the image quality and stabilisation is at it’s best.


  • Finished taking all the profile shots.
  • Begin to upload the images to my Mac.
  • Start the sorting process, it can take a while sifting through all the the images to pick out the best ones.
  • I pick the best 3 images of everyone and send them to the individuals for them to choose the one they’d prefer.
  • After half of the office picking their photo and half the office asking to see all the other photos I’ve taken to choose from – I then start the retouching process.


  • Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, I drop in everyones chosen headshots.
  • The very first thing I do is alter the brightness, exposure and saturation, making sure the image is well balanced.
  • Then I move onto the ‘the background’ of the image. I cut out the individual using the ‘quick selection’ tool. I feather the image to about 3 pixels to prevent a harsh edge to the cut out.
  • Working on the layer behind the cut out (the background) I remove all objects using the ‘stamp’ tool, giving a clean and consistent background.
  • I then start working on the foreground of the image, removing any blemishes on the skin and tidying up stray hairs.
  • I add a small amount of depth of field (blur) around the outside if necessary, making the foreground stand out more.
  • Repeating this process on every image, ensuring I keep consistency – especially with the background.
  • Finally, I then quality check each individual image ready to send to each member of staff.


  • Each member of staff has uploaded their new profile shot across all platforms and are ready to go on our new site.

So, whether you’re looking for shots of your corporate team, offices, products or services – we have the creativity and passion to deliver. If you’re interested in a purpose built website for your organisation, get in touch with our team of digital experts on 0800 084 3086 or send your enquiry to, today.

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