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The importance of a website discovery phase

The importance of a website discovery phase
For many businesses, their website is the first touch point a customer has with the brand and so, it’s important to get it right.

A website is often the single largest marketing investment a company will make, and as with all business investments – there needs to be a clear Return on Investment (ROI) on the spend. This may be realised through data capture, direct sales or enquiries to name but a few. Yet, many businesses will undertake this investment having done little to no research beforehand, simply asking their developer to create a site that only meets top-level objectives. It’s only further down the line that they realise key Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) haven’t been met.

So, what exactly is a discovery phrase?

From the very beginning, we assess your business objectives and needs, define the needs and goals of your customers, and consider how your brand, products and services need to be represented online. In doing so, we ensure that everything we do for you is aligned with your business goals and commercial objectives from the very beginning.

Highlighting key areas

The purpose of a website discovery phase is to highlight each and every area of the website, and ensure it has been discussed prior to entering the build. From your website’s architecture to content implementation, target audiences and competitor research – the end goal is to create a website that inspires, engages and converts and going through this process at an early stage will help to achieve this.

Website architecture
The information gathered during a discovery phase helps us to create the foundations of your website’s architecture, meaning we can define the pages you need, the content you require and what functionality is necessary in order to build you a site that will work in tandem with your marketing efforts, and help you achieve your business goals.

Key objectives
During the discovery phase, time should be taken to consider in detail your marketing goals and how the website will align with them. For example, one of your KPIs may be increasing the number of leads generated, meaning emphasis may be placed on CTAs throughout design and build.

Brand Guidelines
The design of your website is paramount to its performance, and must marry up with any other branding you have. Technical specifications, branded content and image libraries will be discussed – ensuring that they’re all present, up to date and ready for inclusion on the website.

Competitor Analysis
Analysing the market, your likes and dislikes, and successes and failures of your competitors is an important part of building your new website. Not only will this allow us to plan the project better, but also mitigate any risks when it comes to the relevance of your site within the market.

Target Audience
It’s a common misconception that your target audience are going to make up 100% of your websites users. Whilst it’s important to build the site with your TA in mind, it’s equally important to take a holistic view, ensuring your website is both accessible and relevant for all users. By undertaking audience research, you will be able to tailor your website to the wants and needs of your users, ultimately boosting the websites strength and chances of achieving your marketing goals.

Mitigating Risks
In business, time costs money. That is why we aim to reduce time wasting by detailing each and every aspect of your website in the first instance. Often, added costs occur due to having to redesign or edit large sections of the site due to discoveries found too late. The aim of a discovery phase however, is to focus on the finer details, ensuring we mitigate as much risk as possible when it comes to building your site.


Outputs of the workshop include User Personas, User Journeys, Sitemaps and Wireframes, all of which contribute to the structure, aesthetic and feel of your website.

If you’re interested in undertaking a discovery phase for your website, contact our team today or call the office on 0800 084 3086.