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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and why do you need it?

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and why do you need it?
Whether your aim is to ensure visitors purchase your products, sign up to your newsletter, support your cause or share information, CRO is the way to achieve greater success for your business.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Your website may get lots of traffic/visits, but if these users aren’t converting into enquiries or sales, it’s pretty useless. Conversion rate optimisation is a simple yet effective way to increase the number of goals completed per traffic unit – whether that be making a transaction, downloading a brochure, completing a form or the creation of an account. Put simply, a conversion rate of 1% means out of 1,000 users, 10 of them convert into an enquiry or sale. Increasing this to 2% will double the number of enquiries/sales.

So, it’s as much about conversion rate as it is about traffic. To improve your conversion rate, there are a range of processes you can implement. We’ve detailed these below:

A/B and multivariate testing
A highly successful method in increasing conversion rate, A/B testing allows you to create two (or more) different scenarios. Your site then shares traffic out between the scenarios equally, allowing you to see whether or not a change to a variable can make a difference to your conversion rates. Examples for this may include: heading styles, colours, call-to-actions, text variations and images.

Online surveys/customer feedback
Obtaining customer feedback on your website is perhaps one of the most important tools in effectively optimising your conversion rate. Determining what your users like and more importantly, don’t like, will allow you the opportunity to tailor your content to your relevant customer base.

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Customer journey analysis
With more and more people browsing the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to both monitor and track customer behaviour. Their ‘journey’ from first being exposed to your product or service, to researching your brand, visiting your website, making a purchase, or contacting you for any service needs, can take place on a number of offline and online channels. This in turn, means that it is now more vital than ever for businesses to understand their own customers and the journeys they undertake to ultimately lead them to conversion. Learning this will allow you to effectively tailor your CRO strategy to the needs of your customers.

Copy optimisation
Copy optimisation is all about getting the correct message across, in the right tone, to your users. For example, you may find that a message stating a pricing benefit is more effective that one stating a product benefit or vice versa. You can use A/B testing to decipher which version of a similar message is most effective for your customer base.

Why is conversion rate optimisation important?

Once you have refined your digital strategy for maximum effectiveness, the natural progression is to loop back to your website and to turn those visitors into conversions.

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Whether you measure conversions as brochure downloads, eCommerce purchases, form completions, the creation of an account or something completely different, increasing the number of conversions to the same amount of web traffic can have an extremely beneficial impact on revenue generation.

Depending on the nature of your business, we can assume that if increasing conversions has a direct impact on the revenue generated, then this should be seen as key, worthwhile objective.

How can I develop an effective CRO strategy?

Lucky for you, we have extensive experience working with our customers to improve the effectiveness of their website conversion rate and to ultimately increase the number of goals reached. We’ve helped several businesses physically grow, purely from carrying out conversion rate optimisation work. If you’d like help developing an effective CRO strategy, you can talk to us on 0800 084 3086 or email us at