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Why social media is so important to your business

Why social media is so important to your business
With 3.2 billion people on social networks, using social media is key to any business no matter how big or small. Social media can be used for customer services, increasing brand awareness, sharing information and sometimes entertainment. Here are our six reasons why your business can benefit from being more social.

1. Increased Traffic – A fantastic way of increasing traffic is via social media. By sharing your content online across different platforms of social media it can add views, raise awareness and inspire people to click on your site.

2. Engaging with your customers – Having a strong interaction with your traffic/customers increases the chances of your conversions. Communicating directly with your audience and responding quickly, is strong stuff. It can create strong brand advocates, just by simply engaging with them.

3. Brand authority – Profiling your brand on social media allows you to become a stronger authority to your customers. For customers to see your business on social media provides them with trust and validates your business.

4. Cost-effective – Most social media platforms are free and this means people actively use them. Plus, most social media platforms allow you to advertise your posts. When you compare this to other forms of advertising it is very cheap and allows you to target a specific audience, ensuring the ROI is extremely cost effective.

5. Social Media Allows for Content Promotion – Social media is a great platform to promote quality content that you’ve produced across multiple sources. So, ensure you think about how content you produce could work across social as well as on site.

6. Being active – The benefits of keeping your account active is that social media acts as a “signal” for search engines, which can result in higher search engine ranking. The higher up your brand/business is, the more exposure you’ll get and the better chances of conversion you’ll have.