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WordPress is changing…

You may have heard that WordPress is releasing it’s major update, 5.0 (Gutenburg) tomorrow and if you’ve got a WordPress website, this will mean a big change for you. We discuss in detail what the update entails, what it means for you and the actions you need to take.

What is Gutenburg

The next major update to WordPress will see the introduction of the Gutenberg editor. This revolutionises the existing editor with a new one which avoids the single WYSIWYG field and replaces it with more of a playground of elements which can be moved around in a visual editor.

What it means for you

The way users and developers use the CMS with the new Gutenberg editor is completely different. The old school layout has changed with a more modern and visual approach, with everything being a lot more ‘blocky’ than before. To read more information about Gutenburg and to see a demo, you can visit the official WordPress website here.

Issues with Gutenburg

The beta version of Gutenburg has been in the making for a while, with WordPress users having the option to install the plugin and trial test it in order to locate any bugs and major issues. However, a lot of bugs have been found in Gutenburg which have still not been resolved. The CEO of Automattic (creators of WordPress) Matt Mullenweg announced the release date of the new update to everyone’s surprise this week. This on the whole has angered the WordPress community as a lot of the problems have still not been ironed out and a lot of plugin developers will have to update their plugins to work alongside this new update before Christmas.

What we recommend

Simply put, don’t use Gutenburg yet, it’s not ready.

WordPress shouldn’t have pushed this update out before Christmas and before bugs have been completely fixed. We recommend using it when it’s issues have been fixed in the future.

If you update your website to 5.0, you will have to edit your website the new way using Gutenburg. However, there is a way to tackle this if you do find yourself updating by accident or if your website automatically updated (which can be turned on in the settings). Basically you can download the classical editor plugin and activate it, which will bring you back to the way WordPress was pre-Gutenburg update.

So you have two options:

  • Don’t update to 5.0 yet
  • If you do update to 5.0, download the classical editor plugin and activate until Gutenburg is ready.

If you need any help with this, or have any questions regarding the update please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 084 3086 or email us at


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