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Google MyBusiness Agency Dashboard launches

12th June 2018 By Rebecca Hughes
The new Google MyBusiness dashboard for agencies, announced a month ago, is now live and ready for use.

Late last month, it was revealed that Google MyBusiness would be making a series of improvements in order to make it easier for agencies and platform partners to manage their clients Google listings. One of these improvements, Agency Dashboard, is now live and ready for use. Discover everything you need to know about this exciting new feature, here…

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What is the agency dashboard?

The new Agency Dashboard allows agencies to manage the multiple listings that their clients have, faster, simply, and more intuitively. With the tool, all registered agencies can manage all their locations under one account, making it a lot easier to send and receive invitations to manage Google listings.

“With Google’s new Agency Dashboard, agencies can manage multiple listings on Google My Business more effectively. They are also not limited to 100 locations anymore.” – Google

What makes the agency dashboard different?

The Agency Dashboard is an extension of Google MyBusiness that allows agencies to manage multiple listings in a more effective manor. There are a number of new features available on the dashboard, including:

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  • The ability to manage multiple locations under one account with no limit.
  • Send and receive invitations in order to manage listings and gain visibility on the status of those listings.
  • New user Groups enable agencies to manage teams and control access to their Location Groups with differing permission levels.

If you’re interested in accessing the Agency Dashboard to manage multiple listings, you can register, here.

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