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Moz introduce Domain Authority 2.0

13th March 2019 By Riley Nolan
Moz introduce Domain Authority 2.0
Moz introduce Domain Authority 2.0

Moz introduce Domain Authority 2.0

13th March 2019 By Riley Nolan
There is some exciting news for the SEO industry, as Moz announces the introduction of its new update, Domain Authority 2.0!

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric used throughout the SEO industry, ranking sites from 1 to 100. It predicts how well a domain ranks within Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Since 2010 the tool has become extremely popular within the industry, and has collected a link index of 35.5 trillion links.

Is Domain Authority a ranking factor?

No. Domain authority itself is not a ranking factor nor is it connected with Google. It has one main purpose, which is to predict the domains ranking within search. The factors that go into determining domain authority however can (and will) be ranking factors for Google.

What is new about Domain Authority 2.0?

Moz noticed the staggering amount of recordings in their index, and an update was required to increase capabilities, bringing Domain Authority in line with Google’s algorithm updates. On the 5th of February 2019, Moz announced their latest update which was headlined ‘Domain Authority 2.0’, which would come into effect on March 5th.

There are many new features that Moz announced in relation to this update, including a new machine learning model. The advanced machine-learning model merges a number of new factors into Moz’s database, producing a stronger prediction, with better accuracy.

If you see negative changes with your Domain Authority, it’s important to remember that you’ll now be receiving more accurate data in which to make better informed decisions regarding your organic search strategy. Our experts are on hand to help if you’d like some advice on 0800 084 3086.

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