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Why team building days are not a waste of time!

31st July 2019 By Martha Smith
Why team building days are not a waste of time!
Why team building days are not a waste of time!

Why team building days are not a waste of time!

31st July 2019 By Martha Smith
Team building activities: are they really worth your company’s time and money? We explain why they are advantageous for your businesses productivity and team morale!

So what exactly is team management?

We’ll start with the formal definition: Team management is the administration and coordination of a group of individuals assembled to work on a particular project or to perform a particular function within an organisation. In short, getting a group of employees to collectively perform set tasks.

The advantages of team building

Apart from everyone having a great time, there are a number of additional benefits to team building days; some of which are noted below:

Increased motivation for staff can be a positive impact of team building days. After completing a task as a group, you can expect boosted employee satisfaction and confidence.

Arguably the main benefit of a team building is improved communication between employees and employers. They are a great opportunity to get to know each other further, and create closer bonds with one and other.

Productivity can be improved by encouraging colleagues to work together more effectively as a team, which in turn, will help to increase efficiency and time management.

Team building can increase collaboration between colleagues, as everyone works together to achieve the same end goal. This is a skill that can then be easily transferred and greatly appreciated in the workplace.

Furthermore, a team building activity can encourage creativity which is great for business, especially companies in a creative industry like ourselves. Some exercises push staff to stimulate their imagination and engage their initiative, ultimately inspiring people to contribute renewed thoughts and ideas.

Kolodo take the team for a night at Ghetto Golf

Team management is all about building solid relationships between employees. There are various types of successful team building activities you can do to boost morale and create unity within organisations.

Our chosen activity? Ghetto Golf! Crazy golf, great company and food and drink –  what more could we want! It was a perfect opportunity for the group to bond, connect and bounce off each other in a different environment.

So, if you’re looking for enhanced communication, improved company culture and boosted team morale – why not give team building a go.


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