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A new website for leading recruitment platform, That Recruit, goes live!

6th February 2018 By Rebecca Hughes
A new month means a whole host of new launches. Today? A brand new website for leading recruitment platform, That Recruit, goes live!

Beginning as a solution to the recruitment headaches that are often faced by businesses across the UK, That Recruit give you the tools to be able to source your candidates directly, using their vast network of job boards and advertising tools including social media and local and national publications.

Specialising in helping companies and organisations obtain the same recruitment power that traditional agencies have, That Recruit offer a solution that not only makes recruitment affordable but can be relied on to fill any job vacancy a client may have.

As part of the re-design process, we chose to focus on the USP’s of the company, building a structure that not only highlighted their alternative approach but made it quick and easy for prospective clients to join the network.

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