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The Enduring Gardener launches

28th February 2017 By Josh Diamond
The Enduring Gardener is one of the most visited and frequently updated gardening blogs in the UK, having launched in early 2009 by avid gardeners.

Over the winter period, our team were approached to work on a complete overhaul of the website, re-designing every element and introducing breakthrough technology to improve user engagement and increase the time users spend visiting.

As with all of our web projects, we began with creating a bespoke colour palette, before moving onto a wireframe for the homepage. Once we had this spot-on, we worked to produce full visuals for key templates. For this project, this included the homepage, a category layout and an article layout.

The website has been developed from the ground-up within the WordPress content management system, allowing quick and straight-forward editing. Throughout we focused on creating an outstanding user experience which would aid the journey through the site, with fast-loading pages and subtle animations and effects to enhance the look and feel.

Live Statistics

Throughout the website you’ll notice live figures which are generated on the spot from visitors that are browsing the website. The “Popular Articles” area showcases the most frequently visited articles this week. We’ve also included information such as “5 reading right now” – this shows which articles are gaining the most interest, and will definitely be worth a read.

Social Media API Integration

With lots of photos being constantly fed onto Instagram, it was important that these were shown on the new website. It wasn’t that simple however – each gardener has their own account. Our team used the Instagram API and a local database to store the most recent posts, and show them in one chronological feed, linking each photo to the correct account.


We’ve included some adverts from Google AdSense in subtle places across the website, which helps cover the costs of running the blog. We carried out some bespoke integration of AdSense, allowing editors of the website to use Shortcodes within articles to show adverts wherever they pleased – it’s as simple as writing [advert]!

Design Your Own Seed Packet

A small however very interactive area of the website was the Seed Packet Generator. This allows users to design a seed packet online, add some text and print it. Fun, eh!

The finished website launched just over a week ago, and we’re very proud to show you. We’re working on it constantly over the coming weeks, improving elements further based on Google Analytics results since launch.

Take a look at the website here »

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