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The Scout Association Rebrand: Skills for Life

15th May 2018 By Mark Parsons
The Scout Association Rebrand: Skills for Life
The Scout Association Rebrand: Skills for Life

The Scout Association Rebrand: Skills for Life

15th May 2018 By Mark Parsons
Back in March, it was revealed that The Scout Association were reviewing their brand guidelines with proposals going to the board later that month. After three years of consultation and testing, today, their new strategic plan and brand has been revealed.

What’s changed?

Focusing around they key benefit of Scouting: skills for life, the rebrand has seen a complete overhaul of the Scout guidelines with a number of fundamental elements changing. They include: the tone of voice, logo, colour scheme and font.

The Logo

Whilst the iconic fleur-de-lis has remained, the logo has been contemporised to align with the new movement. The guidelines stipulate that the logotype should always be visible and not lost in busy backgrounds and textures, should only ever be used as an image and should only appear in a single colour; black, white or purple, with the exception for Scouts in the nations where the following colours should be used:

  • Scotland: Scout Blue
  • Wales: Scout Red
  • Northern Ireland: Scout Green or Scout Purple

The Message

The new brand guidelines focus exclusively on skills for life – helping the public better understand scouting whilst simultaneously helping young people develop the character, employability and practical skills to succeed in life. The new visual identity promises to be easier to reproduce online and is supported by a wide range of tools and resources that can be found on the new Scout brand centre.

Deputy UK Chief Commissioner Kester Sharpe, explained:

“One of the best ways to communicate our brand is in the way we talk and through the words we use. We will use language that is confident, active, optimistic, challenging and inclusive. Our guidelines will help everyone to communicate in a way that will help cut through the noise.”

The Colour

The new and improved colour palette offers eight primary colours, plus black and white. It is advised that each colour is used within isolation or in their respective pairs which are as follows:

  • Scout Purple & Scout Teal
  • Scout Red & Scout Pink
  • Scout Green & Scout Navy
  • Scout Blue & Scout Yellow

The Font

The chosen font is Nunito Sans which has been described by The Scout Association as being clean, contemporary and highly legible. It was chosen to express personality whilst remaining confident and inclusive.

Why has it changed?

The rebrand aims to propel they key benefit of scouting forward whilst equally modifying the beliefs of the public by portraying scouts in a more contemporary and relevant way.

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