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We’re awarded key project by The Mission to Seafarers

3rd September 2018 By Josh Diamond
The Mission to Seafarers are a charity that help and support seafarers worldwide. Operating across 200 ports in 50 destinations, they have a duty of care to ensure seafarer members are safe, and that day to day living is continually improved.

The life of a seafarer is challenging. They’re often working in dangerous environments with long periods away from family and friends. The Missions staff, chaplains and volunteers help to support everyday life through emotional and spiritual guidance.

The Happiness Index, a project founded by Steven Jones, is a survey that monitors the health and wellbeing of seafarer crew members. In the past, only a tiny percentage of the 1.5 million seafarers worldwide have taken part in this survey. We were approached with the challenge of improving results and the overall performance of this campaign, giving it the digital transformation it requires.

We’ve been challenged to reach out to a much larger audience and substantially improve survey completions. This will be achieved through an effective digital engagement campaign and a new survey website facilitating much improved user experiences, richer survey features and more practical and effective functionality.

We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the team from The Mission to Seafarers. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress, and of course, the results!

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