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Performance Digital Marketing

Whether you'd like to improve and develop your website, convert more visitors into customers, or drive more relevant traffic through to your website, you've come to the right place. It might be you're looking for brochures or business cards, or a photo/video shoot. Digital marketing is the process of ensuring you're in front of your customers when they're looking for you, and when they're not, with the end goal of increasing sales.


Website Support & Evolution

It might be launch day, but that doesn't mean your website is finished. Based on the Google algorithm, websites should constantly evolve and develop. We've got an in-house design and development team who are on hand to keep your website at the top of its game.

We can work on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, suggesting improvements to you that will increase the usability, speed and marketability of your website. Maybe you've got an idea for a new feature? Let us know and we'll let you know how long it'll take to create. Alongside this, we're partnered with UKFAST in Manchester, and are able to organise your hosting, domain name, DNS and email accounts for you too.


Conversion Rate Optimisation / CRO

So, you're getting lots of traffic to your website, but sales are slow. It may be an eCommerce store, or it may be that you've got a website driving enquiries or brochure downloads. If your visitors aren't converting into customers, you need to invest in CRO.

Using Google Analytics, heat/scroll maps and split testing, we can make changes to colours, layouts and pages of your website and then measure the results. It may be that altering fields we ask for on an enquiry form increases the number of completions, or showing that your phone lines are open currently drives more calls. We'll continue to work with the results we collect to make informed decisions, ultimately bringing you more customers.


Organic Search / SEO

The order of the results you see when you use a search engine is based on over 200 different ranking signals. Websites are scored against one another based on their technologies, speed, content, quality links, evolution, domain name, security and more.

Once your website ranks well for key search terms, clicks through to your website will be frequent and won't cost you anything, so it's definitely worth investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). On an ongoing basis we'll work with you to improve your rankings - we'll cover everything from the technologies your website uses to your hosting arrangement and security, to content, page titles and descriptions, and the load speed of your pages.


Paid Advertising / PPC

If your organic rankings are poor, your traffic is low, or you've just launched a new website, service or product and you're looking to gain results quickly, turn to paid advertising. It requires an upfront investment but when managed and optimised correctly it will gain visitors, and customers, right from day one.

Using Google, Bing and social media channels, we can plan, build and optimise campaigns that will drive relevant traffic to your website. We'll target users with intent across search engines when they're looking for your product or service, and advertise to those users that aren't looking, but may well be interested, via display advertising and social media channels. Using demographics we can target locations, interests, ages and genders, and using remarketing we can target those that have visited your website but haven't purchased or enquired yet.


Social Media

Gaining brand awareness has never been easier. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus can power your business forward and get you in front of your prospects and customers instantly.

It's important that your social media channels are branded up in line with your website, and that the handle you use across the channels is the same, relevant and memorable. We can help you with ideas for posts, the design of imagery to use, and the copy for your profile. We know what it takes to get more likes, followers, visits to your website and telephone calls from using social media.


Print Materials

It's critical that your offline materials match up with your online presence, using the same colour palette, photography, tone of voice and equally that they link to each other, encouraging your users to visit your website. The print quality must also reflect the quality of your brand.

Our creative team aren't just experts in web - we've got years of experience behind us creating artwork and arranging print materials for large brands, from brochures to business cards, letterheads to signs. We're also partnered with PrintFine in Liverpool, who produce flawless results every time.


Videography & Photography

Capturing your audience online happens in around 3 seconds. For a lot of brands, if your website loads slowly or your imagery isn't eye-catching, you've lost them. Having flawless photography and videography can be the difference between a visitor and a customer.

Not only this, but once your visitor is engaged, photos and videos can help sell your product or service better than any amount of text. Users want to find out information fast, and often won't sit and read paragraphs on a page. We're able to produce the highest quality 4K photography and videography for you, using top-spec cameras and drones, allowing you to successfully promote your brand online.

Why Kolodo?

Well, we're different. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don't sign you up to one of our services without you being able to use them all. We'll discuss what you need based on what you've got, and what your aspirations are.

Our team will then produce a bespoke plan, combining a mixture of our services, utilising our team as a marketing arm to your business. We have experts in each area of the field, who just do what they're good at. Our fixed-fee approach ensures we're covering all bases and can be proactive, yet reactive if required. We can work with almost any budget too, so give us a call on 0800 084 3086 and speak to one of our experts and we'll let you know how we can help.

Case Studies

Take a look at our latest and greatest work for our fantastic clients below. Fancy a chat with us? Feel free to get in touch.

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Röski Röski

Brand New Website


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We've just opened brand new offices in Liverpool

Following on from an incredible 2017, we’re very excited to announce our new office in Mann Island, Liverpool, overlooking the prestigious Albert Dock. Fancy popping in for a chat? We'll put the kettle on!

We've moved to Liverpool!

Kolodo, 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, L3 1BP

We've moved to Liverpool!

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